Daniel Chan Was Worried About Going Blind After a Health Scare from Using His Phone at Night

Daniel Chan Was Worried He'd Go Blind After a Health Scare from Using His Phone at Night
Daniel Chan on the TVB show Poll Polk Poker

We’ve all heard that it’s not good to read in the dark, and it seems Hong Kong singer-actor Daniel Chan learned it the hard way. On a recent show, he talked about a scary experience he had due to his tendency to use his phone with the lights off.

He shared that the incident happened when he was back in his hotel room in Hengdian. He was just using his phone when he started to feel dizzy and ran straight to the toilet to vomit. He looked up his condition online thinking it was acute glaucoma and read that he could go blind. However, he still had some scenes to film so he went to work with blurry vision. As Daniel described, it was like trying to see through water.

When he was finally able to seek medical treatment, the doctor proceeded to give him a shot in both eyes. According to Daniel Chan, he was tied to the bed before the shot was given. Otherwise, he might’ve lost control and punched the doctor due to the nerve-racking moment. Thankfully, the treatment worked and it was like an “on” switch that cleared his vision. Daniel then offered words of advice for everyone to make sure they turn the lights on when on their phones.

Zhou Xun on Happy Camp
Screencap of Zhou Xun from Happy Camp Episode 20210130

Incidentally, other stars have also had issues from using their phone. During her guesting on Happy Camp last year, Zhou Xun appeared with a bandaid on her nose. As it turns out, she was lying on her back and using her phone when she fell asleep, which is how she ended up with a bloody nose. The actress’s words of advice, “Be careful”.

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