Song Joong-ki and Lee Sung Min“The Youngest Son of the Chaebol Family” Teases New Poster

Song Joong-ki with Lee Sung Min
Song Joong-ki with Lee Sung Min in the drama’s new poster today.

Rebirth and revenge seems to be the theme of Song Joong-ki and Lee Sung Min’s new drama series The Youngest Son of the Chaebol Family. Slated to air on November 18, series producer JTBC continues to whet our appetites in the lead up to its premiere date, releasing new teasers from the upcoming fantasy drama weekly.

Last week, we saw our first look at the Sunyang family with the show teasing a family photo of the clan. Not all appears to be normal though when it comes to one of the sons who appears to be ripped out of the photo and “replaced” with another man. This week’s instalment is a bit different featuring a close up of Lee Sung Min and Song Joong-ki’s characters with the same “reborn in the same blood of the family that killed me” written on the ripped part of the Sunyang family photo we saw last week.

Song Joong-ki is reborn as the Sunyang Family's youngest son

The Youngest Son of the Chaebol Family Plot

The story is adapted from the popular web novel “Reborn Rich” set in 1980s Korea. Song Joong-ki plays the secretary of a chaebol family who dies unjustly after being framed by the very same family he served faithfully. Reborn as their youngest son, he meticulously plans his revenge to take over the family company.

Netizens marvel at how the 37-year-old Song Joong-ki can definitely pass for a youth in his look here. It certainly feels like yet another darker role for the actor following his hit Netflix series Vincenzo though it’s also reminiscent of the 2012’s The Innocent Man where he also played a character exacting revenge.

Meanwhile, veteran actor Lee Sung Min who joins Joong-ki in this week’s teaser poster plays the ruthless family patriarch and the head of the Sunyang Group.

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