Besties Michelle Wai and Carlos Chan Celebrate His Birthday, She Jokes That They’re Sitting Far Apart Because …..

Michelle Wei
Michelle Wai and Carlos Chan
Besties Michelle Wai and Carlos Chan are both currently being managed by Emperor Motion Pictures

Hong Kong actor Carlos Chan turned 36 recently and there to help him celebrate? His bestie Michelle Wai who even popped up a photo of the birthday boy celebrating for everyone to see on social media. Both Michelle and Carlos were smiling widely for the camera, most especially Carlos who was holding onto a piece of birthday cake. “Happy Birthday Mr Chan!” greeted Michelle. The actress also added that “since you’re now an engaged man, I’m keeping a proper distance”.

Aside from being close friends, the two besties also seem to work well together, having collaborated multiple times in projects such as Ready o/r Knot, Integrity, Drink Drank Drunk and Happily Ever After. Their chemistry onscreen, and the fact that they were very good friends was what probably started the whole speculation that they were dating in the past. In fact in 2021’s Ready o/r Knot which they both star in, there was even a scene where Michelle attempts to seduce Carlo’s character whilst pole dancing.

Despite the rumours, these two are really just friends. In a previous interview, the actress said that marrying Carlos never entered her mind since she’d always seen him as a brother. In fact when he was about to propose to girlfriend Shiga Lin back in June, it was Michelle who gave him a hand in planning the whole thing.

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