Law Kar-Ying Says He Needs to be More Cautious When Expressing Himself Following Backlash On Tribute to the Late Queen Elizabeth II

Law Kar-Ying Revisits the Backlash On His Tribute to the Late Queen Elizabeth II Saying He Needs t Be Cautious
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Hong Kong actor and opera singer Law Kar-Ying came under fire last month for his tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II. A month later, the 76-year-old artist touches upon the issue once again saying whilst the incident didn’t affect him emotionally, he said he’ll definitely exercise more caution.

What Happened Last Month

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, Law Kar-Ying took a selfie in front of the British Consulate in Hong Kong where he joined the queue to pay his respects. In his tribute to the late monarch, the artist said Hong Kong has become a paradise on Earth under the Queen’s 70 year reign.

“I was seven years old when she ascended the throne. For the past seventy years, the Queen has been my elder who saw me grow old. Under her aegis, Hong Kong has become a paradise on Earth …” he wrote in a now deleted post on Instagram. While Instagram is not available in Mainland China, screenshots of his post managed to find its way on Chinese social media sites, sparking backlash from C-netizens.

Following this, Law Kar-Ying took to Weibo to share a video apology where he said forgetting his roots and his ancestry is something he can’t bring himself to do. “I am Chinese. I will always love my motherland.” Moreover, he also appealed to people not to overthink his words since his main intention was really just to express condolences for the Queen’s passing.

Law Kar-Ying Revisits the Backlash On His Tribute to the Late Queen Elizabeth II Saying He Needs to be Very Cautious with Words

Proceeding With Caution

In a recent public appearance, Law Kar-ying revisits the backlash and told Hong Kong press, “I think it’s all just a little misunderstanding, so there’s no need to take it to heart. (Will you be more cautious in the future?) Have to be cautious. Actually, it is not about being cautious because of this matter. In fact, you should just be cautious.”

Meanwhile, when media asked whether he was prompted by his wife Liza Wang to make the apology, the artist said no. “She didn’t say a word about it, but I thought I should apologise” he said. Law Kar-Ying’s 75-year-old wife Liza is a big media personality in Hong Kong. Aside from being a mainstay in TVB, Liza is also a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Hence the speculation that his apology was perhaps in part to ensure his wife is not affected.

He added that he wrote the post quickly without fully thinking it through and logged out as soon as he hit share. ”I only posted on Instagram and Facebook. Mainland Netizens shouldn’t be able to see it. Don’t know why it can be seen in the country.”  

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