Kelly Chan Greets MV “Boyfriend” Deon Cheung After He Shares an Old Photo from Their 1999 Music Video

Kelly Chan Greets MV “Boyfriend” Deon Cheung After He Shares an Old Photo from Their 1999 Music Video
Kelly Chan and Deon Cheung’s polaroid from their old MV
Photo: @kellychenwailam and @deon_cheung / Instagram

Hong Kong singer-actress Kelly Chan who got married in 2008 and is a mother of two has lain low in recent years, but it looks like she is slowly making her way back to the spotlight this year. Turning 50 just last September, Kelly’s recent appearances have once again earned her praise for her ever-youthful looks.

What’s more, we’ve got another blast from the past showing not much has changed. Actor Deon Cheung, 55, who was famously known as the “Kara (oke) Prince” for appearing in countless music videos back in the day must have been feeling a little nostalgic in his recent Instagram post. He shared a photo with Kelly Chan from their 1999 music video Care About You Too Much 對你太在乎 and wrote “Yesterday whilst attending a banquet with my friends, I mentioned my very first MV. Today, the MV’s director sent me the photo! How wonderful!” The photo in question is the polaroid Kelly cut up and taped back together in the MV after they broke up. How amazing is it indeed that the director held on to the photo?

Kelly Says Hello

Meanwhile, Kelly Chan left a comment on Deon’s post saying “Hello! Stay safe. 23 years has gone by so quickly!…” She asked if he can help her say hello to the director and for everyone to take care. Kelly even reposted the photo on her own page. As people have been commenting how she looks exactly the same and how well she’d taken care of herself, Kelly cheekily said it’s not just me who’s been “eating preservatives”. Even Deon has been able to keep up his looks and physique.

Kelly Chan had mentioned that the song was part of her performance at the Singapore Music Festival, and it was indeed. Kelly recently flew to Singapore and took the stage after many years to perform a 10-song setlist. Despite the rain, Kelly said the audience was very lively and as she’s described, she was also on fire. Given that Kelly’s social media updates seem to be more frequent lately, there are definitely fans hoping for a comeback.

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