Dilraba Dilmurat Thanks Netizens for Watching Her “Ugly” Self

Photo: Jiaxing Dilraba Dilmurat/ Weibo

What is it that they say about when you don’t have anything nice to say? Recently, Dilraba Dilmurat had a really unexpected reaction to comments left by bashers calling her ugly whilst streaming live. Dressed super casually in a denim jacket, Reba was eating hot pot as she chatted with her many fans. Reading some of the comments left by Netizens saying she looks ugly, the actress didn’t appear to be fazed whatsoever.  Instead of telling them off or putting her live broadcast on pause, she even thanked them for watching the “ugly me”.

Dilraba Dilmurat reading comments on her live stream.
Photo: Jiaxing Dilraba DIlmurat Studio / Weibo

There’s no doubt that working in showbiz means you gotta grow a thick skin. But really, going on someone’s live stream and then calling them ugly takes things a little too far doesn’t it. Luckily, Reba’s made of much sterner stuff. “Yes! I’m not pretty. Who’s always pretty?  Some even say that I can’t hold a candle to the beauty of other live streamers. That’s right! I’m really ugly. Thank you everyone for coming to watch ugly little ol’ me.” Reba’s ability to roll with the punches and poke a little fun at herself seems to have impressed many. And really, as one Netizen already put it, if Reba is considered ugly, then what does that make the most of everyone? *groan*

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