Della Ding Dang Reveals She’s Dating Again After Being Single for 15 Years

Della Ding Dang
Della Ding Dang
Photo: della_dingdang / Instagram

At a press event held the other day, singer Della Ding Dang unexpectedly revealed that she’s dating someone new. Della is 40 this year and hasn’t been in a relationship for 15 years already. She says she’s quite shy when it comes to matters of the heart and admits she doesn’t know how to be in a relationship. That’s why she said it took them more than half a year before becoming a couple.

Since the pandemic hit, the actress said she totally changed the way she saw things with regards to her family and about dating. These days, Della Ding says she’s been talking to her parents more and she’s become more open towards dating. She also shares that she had quite a few suitors. When she was stuck in Shanghai whilst the city was on lockdown this year, Della celebrated her birthday in isolation. It was then that her 25-year-old suitor still tried his best to celebrate her birthday and gave her a Doraemon cake.  He’d also go cycling or play tennis with her from time to time.

When Della popped up a selfie of herself in cycling gear with a guy on Instagram a couple of months ago, enterprising Netizens soon learned that the man even worked as Japanese-Taiwanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro’s body double. How cute are they both practically twinning in the selfie she popped on Instagram.

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