Daniel Wu Reminisces About Shooting The Film “Protégé” with Louis Koo 15 Years Ago

Daniel Wu Reminisces About Shooting The Film "Protégé" with Louis Koo 15 Years Ago
Photos: Daniel Wu / Weibo

Today’s throwback is courtesy of American Born Chinese star Daniel Wu who got a tad nostalgic reminiscing about this scene he shot with Louis Koo in the 2007 crime movie Protégé 門徒. Daniel played Nick in the film, an undercover officer who spent years infiltrating the biggest drug ring in the narcotics market only to suffer an identity crisis when his fake persona as a drug lord gets too real. Meanwhile, Louis Koo plays a detestable heroin addict who passed on his addiction to his wife, ultimately causing her to OD in the film.

I really like what throwbackhkfilmstory has done to immortalise the history of Chinese Hong Kong film making! What a fantastic idea! This photo takes me back to the 2007 film Protégé, directed by my favourite collab partner Derek Yee. I’ve acted in 7 of his films and he’s the only director I totally trust. I don’t even need to read the script, as long as he needs me, I’m there! This is a photo with Louis Koo. I’ve worked with him countless times as well.

Daniel added that seeing the photo makes him really miss Hong Kong so much. With the pandemic keeping borders closed and Hong Kong’s long quarantine requirements, he hasn’t been back in the city for three years already. Another reason that’s kept him away is his father’s deteriorating health, he reveals. “But I’ll be back soon! This photo reminds me of the best 20 years of my life. I really cherish that time and my friends there. I really should’ve written a book about how that place made me into who I am today.”

If you’re into old Hong Kong classics, check out throwbackhkfilmstory on Instagram. It’s pretty cool how they juxtapose old photographs of scenes from classic films with the location the shot was taken in.

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