Carina Lau or Na Ying? Netizens Remark on Their Resemblance

Carina Lau
Carina Lau and Na Ying
(L) Carina and (R) Na Ying

Carina Lau is front and centre as the October covergirl of Hong Kong’s Prestige magazine. This month’s edition is titled “The Many faces of Carina Lau”, and it seems it’s pretty apt since Netizens were left feeling pretty stumped whether it’s Carina or is it Chinese singer winner Na Ying that they’re seeing in one photo.

It appears the resemblance is quite strong especially in the photo where Carina sports a short bob and her face angled slightly away from the camera. Do you guys see it?  Maybe it’s the eyes and the nose d’you reckon? In any case, when Na Ying was part of Sisters Who Make Waves 2, Netizens already pointed out how much she resembled Carina. Na Ying even reposted it and jokingly said she’s “the ugly” version.

Carina Lau
Carina Lau x Prestige Magazine
Photo: Carina Lau /Weibo

Aside from that photo, Carina’s feature in the magazine also caught a lot of attention for a different reason. As her racier photos can attest, the actress is in pretty good shape proving that age indeed is just a number.

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