Ron Ng Recalls His Time with TVB and How He Went for Seven Days Without Sleep

Ron Ng Recalls His Time in TVB and How He Went for Seven Days Without Sleep
Ron Ng and Raymond Lam join Call Me By Fire 2

Hong Kong actor Ron Ng has recently been gaining attention through the Chinese reality show Call Me By Fire 2 (披荆斩棘2) that saw him reuniting with former Twin of Brothers co-star and friend Raymond Lam who’s also a contestant. While he was at the dorm chatting with Chinese rocker Ren Ke and actor Zhang Junning, the latter asked about TVB and whether filming back then was very fast-paced.

The 43-year-old Ron Ng who’s filmed over 80+ projects in his career said, “It’s very hard. The longest I’ve gone without sleep was 7 days.” He said he really kept filming non-stop. Ron recounts how their schedule began at 6 in the morning for makeup and they set off for work at 7am. Filming will then last until afternoon or 6pm at night. He shares that they’ll return to the TVB studio to eat and filming will go on until 5 in the morning. He only has enough time to go home and take a shower for 30 minutes before starting the day over. When asked how they even sleep, Ron explains that they would drive themselves but upon arriving at TVB and getting their makeup done, they can sleep for about half an hour then.

While it was difficult, Ron acknowledges the opportunity saying there was nothing to do about it then because even if he didn’t do it, people are queuing up for the chance.

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