Rain Lau Has a New Hobby and She’s Quite Good At It Too

Rain Lau
Rain Lau
Screencapture: Rain Lau / Xiaohongshu

From a new name to a new hobby, actress Rain Lau Kiu Fong (劉喬方) proves that it’s never too late to try something new. Fans of classic Hong Kong cinema will probably recognise the actress who used to be known as Lau Yuk Chui (劉玉翠) from 90s dramas such A Zi in Demi Gods and Semi Devils.

The Guangzhou transplant took up the hobby of painting to express herself in recent years. She had been suffering from depression for a long time, and it seems painting to express her emotions translates to a much healthier Rain both physically and emotionally. Now that her mood has become so much brighter, she says as long as she enjoys doing it, it is enough whether she’s good at it or not. However, taking a look at her latest project which she shared on the platform Xiaohongshu, it appears Rain really has the knack for it!

The 55-year-old revealed that she’d always had the urge to paint even as a child but was hesitant to pick up the paintbrush fearing she’ll be horrible at it. One time she passed by a painting studio and finally decided to give it a go. She said she finally signed up and painted her very first oil painting. “Although it was very clumsy, I was very happy inside she said. Just listen to your inner voice, trust your own feeling, dont question the end result and just enjoy the experience ..” 

Although Rain officially started learning how to paint just a year ago, her skills have leveled up hugely after continuous practice. Regardless of the medium – whether watercolour, pastel or oils, her work is seriously very good. In fact she recently gifted her friend Kara Wai one of her paintings. “Please accept this with a smile. I hope putting it in your home will make you feel joyful and happy. And may your home be as peaceful and tranquil as this painting. Breathing life into this painting has been a process of many days and nights. It also bore witness to the creator’s years and experience. Please bear with me as my skills are not yet as good !

Rain Lau with Kara Wai
Screencapture: Rain Lau/ Xiaohongshu

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