Gigi Lai in a Wheelchair and Crutches As She Attends a Shareholder’s Meeting

Gigi Lai
Gigi Lai
Photo: Gigi Lai / Instagram

Hitting the ground running after accidentally injuring her knee, Gigi Lai was spotted attending a shareholder’s meeting as soon as she was out of her doctor ordered rest. The 50-year-old former TVB actress quit showbiz in 2008 to help run her bother’s skincare company. She married tycoon Patrick Ma in 2009 and they have three daughters.

In recent photos, fans were quite worried to see Gigi Lai on a wheelchair. Turns out Gigi tore her meniscus whilst working out and was ordered  to take two weeks off to rest. As a busy mum with a lot on her plate, Gigi is now back at work to attend the annual meeting for her company that’s grown into the Hong Kong-listed Miricor Enterprises despite having to do so on a wheelchair and crutches. However, it appears she didn’t let the fact that she was on a wheelchair and her injury hamper her activities.

There’s a lot of work to be done. As soon as I got out of resting at home, I worked an entire day without stopping. Aside from attending the company’s general meeting, I also did some filming work” she said. Gigi added that since her knee injury has not yet fully healed, she still needs to use crutches to help her move around slowly. “The doctor also advised me to be careful not to injure my knee again.” Although she says she hasn’t worked out in a while, she’s glad she’s still pretty strong physically.  

Glad to see Gigi getting back to her feet and into the swing of things. We wish her a speedy recovery.

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