Evan Lin Yanjun Says He’s Single After Many Rumors Have Caused Some of His Fans to Leave

Evan Lin Yanjun Says He's Single After Many Rumors Have Caused Some of His Fans to Leave

For the past few days, Taiwanese singer-actor Evan Lin Yanjun who debuted as part of NINE PERCENT in 2018’s Idol Producer has been surrounded by negative publicity. It all began when paparazzo Liu Dachui released a video of him going to a hotel and leaving the next day with a woman. The footage from the next few days captures the two of them repeatedly with his arm around her shoulder at one point.

Some Fans Express They’re Leaving

On September 4, Lin Yanjun’s studio called out the video for being illegally taken. They also claim that the publishing of false information about Lin Yanjun’s romance is being done to create hype. However, some fans are not buying the explanation and asking for the “truth”. Many rumors started cropping up such as the woman’s alleged identity being a sexy internet star who was once a third party in someone else’s relationship. Lin Yanjun Texas King also trended due to gambling rumors over photos of him playing the game. Some explain they would’ve been fine he’s dating but felt that he and his studio aren’t being forthcoming. Some also felt disappointed that he seems to be completely different from his image since he once said he liked a different type of girl.

Some of his fans have expressed their decision to leave, a portion of fansite owners even held a live stream on September 6. They claim that they’ve spent 7 digits for the idol. Nonetheless, there are others fans who remain supportive.

Lin Yanjun Finally Speaks Up

At 3am on September 6, Lin Yanjun finally breaks his silence. He writes, “From yesterday noon to the present, because of my personal problems, I have caused a lot of trouble to everyone. I am sorry. As a public figure, I should always pay attention to my words and deeds, but I have failed to do so. At present, I am single. In the future, I will handle my personal relationships well and regulate my words and deeds.

To be able to face everyone again is through the constant support and tolerance of Evanism. You are the biggest driving force for me to get to where I am now. I have all this in my heart, and I will never forget it. Maybe my inability to express myself well has caused some misunderstandings. I apologize to everyone here, sorry! I hope to express myself more through my works in the future. This is what I think is the best way to face everyone. Thank you for your supervision.”

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