Charmaine Sheh Explains the Scene from 2004’s “War and Beauty” Saying There Was No Movie Magic

Charmaine Sheh Explains the Scene from 2004's "War and Beauty" Saying There Was No Movie Magic
Charmaine Sheh plays Yi-Sun

Ever wonder about what went down in Yi-Sun’s scene from the 2004 TVB drama War and Beauty 金枝欲孽 where she magically appears when she wasn’t there a moment ago?  Today’s throwback Thursday is brought to you by Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh who plays Yi-Sun in the palace series. The actress spills the tea eighteen years later on how they actually did it. And nope, turns out there’s no movie magic or CG effects happening. It’s really just plain ol’ great timing and some glute action on her end.

Charmaine Sheh

I saw everyone discussing the camera movement from War and Beauty recently. If you’re wondering where in the world I came from, let me tell you the secret: I was squatting down whilst waiting on standby. When the camera pans in my direction, I stood up” she reveals. Charmaine added that the timing has to be right though. She said she still remembers  how funny it was during rehearsal with her squatting down in her period costume and then suddenly popping up in time with the camera. “Everyone was trying to hold back their laughter. But when they called action, I had to maintain a straight face!” she said.

Charmaine said people who paid attention to the details had probably guessed how they did it. She also praised eagled-eyed Netizens who noticed how the tassels on her head dress were still swaying after quickly popping up.

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