Anthony Wong Says “She’s Like A Stranger” About His Long Time Assistant Who Quit

Anthony Wong  Says “She’s Like A Stranger” About His Long Time Assistant Who Quit
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Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong Chau Sang is a busy bee these days, flying to and fro between Taiwan and Hong Kong for work. However, with his long time assistant quitting recently, the struggle to balance work commitments with the administrative backlog is definitely very real.

A Big Mess to Unravel

According to a post made by the actor on September 20th, his former assistant left with a whole bunch of unfinished business.  He said that it took three people to clean up the mess she left. Anthony said they even found a document which was left unprocessed for two years as well as several fines which were left unpaid. “She really thought that when she’s invited to have dinner or to accompany me overseas when I’m filming that it’s paid time off, and that going shopping is her job”  he scolded.

He also criticised her for having the cheek to claim her salary is too low. When asked about her sudden deparature, Anthony Wong revealed in a chat with Chinese publication Ming Bao (明報) that she said
“she wanted a change of scenery”. However, the actor did not go into any more details about it. He also said that he felt she had changed into a different person and that their relationship had soured. “How then can we continue to cooperate?” He added that after trusting her for so many years, it seems like he didn’t know her at all like a stranger.

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New Social Media Accounts

Meanwhile, Anthony also announced that he’s opening a brand new Facebook account since it was his former assistant who registered and managed it for him before. However, as she didn’t transition the password, he’s opening a new one by himself. “Starting over! Send away the god of plague and bad luck!” he said. The actor also told everyone to wait for an announcement in two days time since he’s pretty busy tying up loose ends.

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