Alice Chan Shares Prenuptial Photos for Her Wedding This September

Alice Chan
Alice Chan
Photo: Alice Chan Wai / Facebook

An autumn wedding it is for TVB actress Alice Chan who’s about to say “I Do” to her doctor boyfriend Aldous Chan on September 26. After popping the question on Alice’s birthday last November, the couple originally had their hearts set on a spring wedding – April to be exact. However, with wedding venues all booked up, and then later the unfortunate passing of Alice’s father last April, the couple decided to delay their plans to hold a celebration. They did however, already register their marriage in March 2022.

Here are some gorgeous shots from the couple’s pre-wedding photo shoot, where the 48-year-old Alice looks like she hardly aged at all!

Alice Chan prenuptial photos

Second Chance at Love

Before dating each other, both Alice and Aldous were actually divorced from their previous partners. That makes this marriage their second chance at love. Since divorcing her ex, Alice remained single as she put her life back together. She was later introduced to Aldous by their common friend Ben Wong at an event.

For Alice in particular, her separation from ex-husband James Yen ended in a lot of heartbreak. As James was a businessman with various interests all over Asia, Alice didn’t hesitate to sacrifice her booming career to accompany him. However, moving around a lot was also very isolating, making it hard for her to put down roots and make friends. Eventually, Alice revealed in an interview that she lost herself in her marriage. “I like acting very much, and never did I think about giving it up. But when I chose to marry him, I left everything behind and lost myself. My (ex) husband is one hundred percent a workaholic. And my place in his life is second only to his business”.  In 2012, when Alice brought up the idea of moving back to Hong Kong, James asked for a divorce instead. 

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