A Sammo Hung and Ken Lo Reunion

Sammo Hung and Ken Lo
Sammo Hund and Ken Lo
Photo: Ken Lo / Instagram

Oh to be a fly in the wall in this meet up. OG Hong Kong superstars Sammo Hung and Ken Lo met up recently and of course, you really can’t blame Ken for being unable to resist taking a selfie immortalising the moment. “It’s a rare occasion to have dinner with big, big brother (大哥大) Director Hung tonight! Haven’t seen each other for close to three years! Time really flies so fast!”

Between them, Sammo Hung and Ken Lo have an age difference of 5 years with Sammo born just a few years earlier in 1952. The pair both starred in the 2008 crime film Fatal Move portraying rival triad leaders. With so many movies and shows under their belt individually, it’s quite a treat to see these martial arts greats spend time together outside of work.

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