Vincent Wong and YoYo Chen: No Truth to Divorce Rumours

Vincent Wong
Vincent Wong and YoYo Chen
Photo: Sina Entertainment/Weibo

Have they? Or haven’t they? That seems to be the question nowadays as reports that TVB actor Vincent Wong Ho Shun filed for divorce today August 16 surfaced. Vincent and his wife YoYo Chen have been married for 10+ years. However, the celebrity couple continues to be dogged by divorce rumours in recent years, as they appear to have already “checked out of their marriage” in the eyes of the public.

Trouble in Paradise?

In 2019, Vincent left Yoyo’s name off the title when he bought a new million dollar home. Last year, the rumourmill was working on over drive after Yoyo looked blank and expressionless as her husband thanked her when he won Best Actor for the drama Legal Mavericks 2020. People thought she would’ve been more excited and happy for her husband after his big win. Later, at another TVB anniversary event in November, the couple appeared to give each other the cold shoulder whilst posing for group photos. Instead of standing side by side, Vincent stood a ways off, positioning his body to look in the opposite direction of Yoyo.

In January, when it was Yoyo’s turn to bring home the award for Best Supporting Actress for Plan B, the actress individually named people she wanted to thank for her win. However, folks found it curious that she didn’t personally name Vincent, choosing instead to lump him together with “all her family”. Whilst Yoyo brushed it off saying it’s hard to thank each personally individually due to time constraints, it paints a stark contrast against how Vincent thanked her very specifically when he won.

Or Not?

Then again, sometimes the couple goes off to do things that make people believe all might be well in their relationship. Take the fact that Vincent and Yoyo appeared to have gone on a family vacay to Disneyland together. While neither shared a photo of the three of them all together in one frame, only of them individually with daughter QQ, people assumed they went together as a family.

Then there’s the messages of support either Yoyo or Vincent left on the other’s social media. One of the reasons why people think the marriage had gone sour is that the two rarely interact or talk about each other on social media anymore. The fact that they were publicly expressing their support for each other again – Yoyo posted about Vincent’s movie Sniper Army, Vincent being vocally supportive of Yoyo’s career making headway, was taken as a good sign by many that they’ve reconciled.

Fake News

Now as for the veracity of this newest divorce rumour, when asked for a comment on the story, someone from Vincent’s camp denied it. “Everything is fine, there’s no truth to it. We have no intentions of occupying public resources. Thank you for your concern.” Meanwhile, Yoyo also said she won’t be commenting on today’s reports that are untrue and thanks everyone for their concern.

Screencapture: Yoyo Chen / Weibo

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