Dong Zijian and Sun Yi Divorce After 5 Years of Marriage

Dong Zijian and Sun Yi Divorce After 5 Years of Marriage
Photos: Dong Zijian and Sun Yi studios / Weibo

On August 8, celebrity couple Dong Zijian and Sun Yi suddenly took to social media to announce their divorce. She tagged him and said, “In the past, it was wish us well, from hereon, wish you and I well”. He also tagged her and said, “We’ll be well”. The cryptic message sparked concerned that things were not well. As it turns out, their studios also released statements to confirm the couple’s split. They’ve also deleted past social media posts about each other.

The two first made their relationship public in 2016. The former couple who were only 23 at the time announced their marriage in May 2017. Their daughter was born on September 22, 2017. They intend to raise their 4-year-old daughter together.

Join statements from Dong Zijian and Sun Yi studios

Statements from their studios

To friends concerned about Ms. Sun Yi and Mr. Dong Zijian:

After careful deliberation from both parties, the two have decided to split amicably to end their marriage, they have competed the related documents. Thank you everyone for the blessings given to their marriage, the two will cherish and keep this beauty, they will also raise the child together as family and friends, caring for the child’s healthy growth.

In order to protect the child and both parties’ families and to avoid unreasonable speculation, Ms. Sun Yi and Mr. Dong Zijian have jointly decided to make the above explanation to the friends who care about them. However, they do not intend to occupy public resources. After this statement is issued, the two will no longer respond to this matter. Thank you again for your continued support and love. The two will continue to focus on work and live well.

Sun Yi Studio
Dong Zijian Studio
August 8, 2022

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