Dilraba Dimurat Fans Want a New Stylist After Calling Her Recent Looks a Fashion Disaster

Dilraba Looks

Whereas the stars have the advantage of stylists to ensure they don’t put a fashion foot wrong, every once in a while, they too get it wrong sometimes. Dilraba Dilmurat’s recent yellow number at an online Valentino event had everyone asking “what were they thinking” as the normally put together actress appeared “unacceptably greasy”.

For the live broadcast, Dilraba paired a yellow Oscar de la Renta dress with bright red lips and chunky gold accessories. Whilst her makeup look was pretty understated save for the pop of red on her lips, her beauty team went a little more experimental with her “wet look” hair. However, the final look didn’t seem to fly with Netizens who complained it “looks so greasy”. They also said that the look seemed to highlight her problem areas and hid her best features instead of the other way around.

DIlraba Dilmurat
Photo: Dilraba Dilmurat Studio / Weibo

Time for a Change?

“It’s time to change stylist” commented one Netizen. Indeed many scolded Dilraba’s stylist for being careless and for frankly being quite inconsistent. Perhaps, Dilraba’s “braids and leather” look which Netizens say made her appear like she’s going to rap in an episode of The Rap of China 中国有嘻哈 was still fresh on people’s minds. Whatever the case, the comments section was choc full of fans calling for the replacement of the styling studio.

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