Song Yuqi Responds to Concern About Showing Too Much Skin

Song Yuqi Responds to Concern About Showing Too Much Skin
Photo: Song Yuqi / Weibo

A concerned fan of Song Yuqi from South Korean idol group (G)-IDLE called her attention to an outfit she wore recently which might’ve been a little too risqué.  Worried she might have exposed herself, the fan reminded her to be careful. “Be careful when I’m not there, there are a lot of LSP (dirty old men) out there that crave your body”. For her photoshoot, the Chinese idol sported a denim halter top and a matching short skirt. She also wore safety shorts underneath which can be seen in the photos where she’s squatting.

Song Yuqi
Photo: Song Yuqi / Weibo

Directly replying in the comments, “this is prejudice”, said the idol. She explained that if a girl is wearing a short skirt and showing a bit of cleavage, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean she’s exposing herself. “As long as you think you look good and feel good, you don’t need to care about other people’s opinions. We wear cute clothes and make ourselves beautiful through make-up, it’s all about looking good and being confident. Just be yourself! Be happy.

With her sweet appearance and beautiful voice, Song Yuqi aka “Yuqi” debuted as the Chinese member of the idol group (G)-IDLE in 2018. The idol was also a series regular for the variety show Keep Running which makes her doubly popular in her home country.

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