Phoebe Huang and Christopher Downs Call It Quits on Their 16 Year Marriage

Phoebe Huang and Christopher Downs Call It Quits on Their 16 Year Marriage
Photos: Phoebe Huang and Christopher Downs (Xiakeli) / FB and IG

Taiwanese singer, actress and TV host Phoebe Huang has filed for divorce from her husband Christopher Downs who is reportedly back home in Canada. When media first broke the news that the showbiz couple were calling it quits after 16 years of marriage, Phoebe responded to enquiries by asking for some time to process everything. However as the news of her divorce began to spread, she later released a statement through her lawyer confirming the news.

Today’s news reports regarding my divorce have alarmed many relatives and friends, many of whom have called to express their concern. I thank you and also apologise.  The decision to separate has been a very difficult one. It is also a last resort. Truly, we do not wish to cause any pain to an innocent child because of media reports.” The singer also apologised for taking up public resources due to her personal issues and expressed her hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Christopher with their daughter Kyana on the show “Dad, Where are we going?”.

The unexpected news of the couple’s divorce took many by surprise since they always gave the impression that their relationship was a sweet and happy one. Phoebe Huang married her Canadian husband back in 2006. After meeting on the set of the comedy series Ai Man Niu Yao Zen Yang 艾曼紐要怎樣, the couple got hitched after dating for just six months. The couple have a daughter named Kyana Poppy Downs (夏天) born in 2009.

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