Deric Wan Shares Sweet Tribute to His Wife

Deric Wan Shares Sweet Tribute to His Wife

Everyone seems to be on Douyin these days, and for us fans, it’s definitely a great way to get to know celebs through less “planned” and more personal fun posts and vids. Recently, 57-year old Deric Wan Siu-lun (温兆伦) popped up a super sweet tribute to his wife Zhao Ting to whom he’s been married to since 2013. Deric’s wife and their daughter occasionally if not rarely make an appearance on his social media, thus making his recent post about his wife all the more sweet.

Deric Wan family
Deric Wan

In the video, he said “we may fight, and things might not always feel new, sometimes we have nothing to talk about, and sometimes we give each other the cold shoulder. But, I will never not love you.” He also wrote on the caption “I often ask myself how many more years I get to spend with Mrs Wan to celebrate our 20th 30th anniversary? One way or another, I hope to spend the rest of my life holding your hand.” So nice to see that after 9 years of marriage the couple is still very much in love.

Deric Wan Siu-lun is a former TVB star whose popularity skyrocketed following his breakthrough role in the 1989 TV series Looking Back in Anger. Over the years, Deric’s name has been linked to different women. His wife Zhao Ting who is 20 years his junior is in fact his third wife. He reportedly met Zhao Ting who was a Chinese actress in 2012. They married a year later and welcomed their first child in 2015 making Deric a new dad in his early fifties. Like many Hong Kong veteran celebs these days, the actor shifted gears to focus on his career in China.  

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