Celebs Like Wu Jinyan and Christy Chung Try the “Ip Man Squat”

Ip Man Sqyat
The Ip Man Squat was supposedly popularised on Douyin by a car mechanic who popped up clips doing the move without even shaking!

Donny Yen probably didn’t realise it at the time, but his Ip Man Squat (叶问蹲) seems to have ­­­­­­­­­­­­­spawned a viral challenge. Remember his scene fighting Mike Tyson where he extends his leg and then squats down on one leg slowly? The move seems to be taking Douyin by storm and even celebs have hopped on to the trend to give it a go. Wu Jinyan, Jin Chen and even 51-year-old Christy Chung have all shared clips of themselves doing the Ip Man Squat.

Others meanwhile have even attempted to give the move a different spin like doing the squat whilst wearing stilettos (totally don’t recommend). Christy tried folding one leg up behind her before extending it forward. While it looks simple enough, don’t be fooled because there are tons of clips out there of folks giving it a try and then falling on their butts.

Christy who’s fond of copying popular dances on Douyin adds her own spin to the squat
Screenshot: Christy Chung / Douyin

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