Taiwanese Singer Jam Hsiao Is Now a Chengdu Transplant and Netizens Joke About Expecting Rain

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Jam Hsiao revealed in an interview recently that he has relocated to Chengdu and is now a long time resident. It seems the Taiwanese singer quietly pulled up stakes from his hometown of Taiwan to put down roots in the Chinese city.

In his interview with Red Star News, the singer was all praises for his new homebase. “Life in Chengdu is fantastic. The cost of living is not as high as other cities, and there’s a lot of room for development. I’ve been living here for a long time now” he said. As for news that he had already purchased a house in Chengdu, the singer turned entrepreneur says it’s fake news. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any plans to do so in the future. “I hope to build a solid foundation for my own food and beverage brand in Chengdu and save a little more money for a house later”.

A spokesperson for his team later added that the team landed in Chengdu mid-April. After completing quarantine requirements, they rented a house in town which served as their homebase when travelling to different cities for various work commitments.

Singer Turned F&B Entrepreneur

Since April last year, the star has set up his very own noodle brand in the Chinese city as well as other businesses like a bubble tea chain. Being a big noodle fan, opening a restaurant in Chengdu was practically a no brainer. “Chengdu folks like to eat noodles and they’re picky. We chose to open our very first store here and didn’t rush to expand into other cities. We made sure to lay down the foundation first”. These days, he says business is good.

Jam Hsiao rose to fame thanks to his appearance in Taiwan’s homegrown version of American Idol, called One Million Star. Once a fledgling young artist, the show opened many doors for him, including one that saw him singing a duet with Taiwan’s Queen of Pop A-Mei and then ultimately signing with Warner Music Taiwan a year later. Before making it as a singer, he used to sing in restaurants to support himself.

“God of Rain”

Funnily enough Jam has earned himself the nickname “God of Rain” as it often poured during his concerts. So much so that there are actually folks who “prayed” to him to bring in some bad weather. In 2012, as he was scheduled to sing in Beijing, the rain god struck again as Beijing found itself facing a huge storm that caused flooding.

Now that he’s living in Chengdu, Netizens are already joking that Chengdu residents should best gear up for some wet weather. The good natured ribbing even had the National Weather Service directly responding to tags asking them to confirm or deny that Chengdu weather will be seeing 36 days of rain in the next 40 days! *lol* And in case you’re wondering, they said 36 days is an exaggerated number and that the forecast says it’ll only be 15 days. They did however jump in on the fun and said “but if you want to moan (about the weather), everyone should have a little fun“. *lol* Blame it on the rain god why don’t you?

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