Singer Mimi Lee Wants Answers As Her Dog Was Found Dead After Flight

Singer Mimi Lee Wants Answers As Her Dog Was Found Dead After Flight
Photo: Mimi Lee / Weibo

Thai singer Mimi Lee (Li Ziting) has been active in C-ent since debuting through the 2018 survival show Produce 101 China. On the eve of June 25, she suddenly turned to social media to reveal the terrible news that her dog was found dead after being air-flown from Thailand to China to be reunited with her.

Mimi Lee Turns to Social Media for Help

Writing down her experience with trembling hands while on the way home, she explains that her dog Melody boarded the plane after a series of inspections and COVID-prevention procedures. She writes, “Since last night, I had been looking forward to seeing her again after two years. I went to the airport early today, waiting for customs clearance so I can welcome her. When the personnel received her, they found the dog already dead. I was shaking in shock, what happened to my dog?…”

Mimi Lee's pet dog Melody
Mimi Lee: Melody was my first dog. You have been with me all this time. You’re my baby, I love you very much. I’ll resolve everything for you. Rest well, Melody.

She said they tried to find out what happened by contacting the airlines on both sides and also hoped that a doctor can examine the dog. However, she writes, “Couldn’t get in touch with Thai Airways,
local airlines were also pushing the blame on each other, what we saw was the dog with the cargo,
transported under high temperature. No one can give me an accurate answer, and the dog can’t be released for further inspection.

I don’t know, what should I do now? Who should I turn to to help me with this? After this day, I implore Thai Airways and China Eastern to give me a result! As the owner of the dog in a foreign country, I feel very helpless now, but I am also sorry for taking up everyone’s public resources unintentionally.”

Response from Thai Airways

At noon on June 26, Thai Airways took to Weibo with a statement, “Regarding the dog transport incident on the Bangkok-Shanghai cargo flight on June 24, we are aware of the concerns and doubts of some netizens. Please believe that we have always treasured and cherished every adorable little life like everyone else. The freight department of our company is fully investigating the incident and every transportation point. The result of the investigation will be provided to the owner as soon as possible, and relevant matters will be handled in accordance with regulations.”

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