Nadow Lin After Suffering from Cerebral Hemorrhage, Says He Can’t Quite Remember

Nadow Lin After Suffering from Cerebral Hemorrhage, Says He Can’t Quite Remember
Nadow Lin with girlfriend Sherry who is 12 years his junior

Finally home last May after a grueling few months in hospital, Nadow Lin and his girlfriend Sherry Chen share more about his difficult journey to recovery. The Taiwanese comedian and host has been recuperating in a hospital since January after undergoing emergency surgery for a cerebral hemorrhage. Post-op, rumours even claimed the 41-year-old was in a coma which didn’t seem to be the case at all. Prior to that, Nadow went in for a checkup after complaining of a headache. It was then that doctors diagnosed he had increased build up of pressure in his brain and showed signs of bleeding.

After three long months of treatments and rehab, the comedian was finally discharged from hospital last May. When asked about his ordeal however, he says he doesn’t really remember much about what happened to him especially those first few days following his operation. Meanwhile, girlfriend Sherry, shared a short clip sharing more about his hard fought journey to recovery.

“Miracle Recovery”

According to his doctors, Nadow’s rapid progress is nothing short of a miracle. However it definitely wasn’t an easy road for him and his girlfriend who was with him every step of the way. In fact, when he was still in the ICU, Sherry admitted there was a time she questioned whether there’s still hope. Nonetheless, Nadow proved to be a fighter. In the beginning, he could only stay in bed. But fast forward to three weeks later, he could already get out of bed and stand up with the help of a cane. He still had a lot of difficulty moving his leg though and would continue to shake even with someone helping to prop him up. He also couldn’t speak. Nadow says looking back he only had a vague memory – just bits and pieces of what happened. What he remembers though was mostly the pain.

Nadow in Therapy
Nadow undergoing therapy

When Sherry showed him a video of his time in recovery at the beginning of the clip, a confused Nadow asked “where is this place?”. It seems he couldn’t remember much of anything which had to be super frustrating. Thankfully, Sherry was right there beside him all throughout, helping him with his therapy exercises and generally being a positive light.

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