Jang Nara Is Getting Married to Her Non-Showbiz Boyfriend

Jang Nara Is Getting Married to Her Non-Showbiz Boyfriend
Photo: nara0318 / Instagram

Jang Nara, 41, will soon be getting married. On June 3, she took to Instagram with a handwritten letter to say, “”Hello! This is Jang Nara. Today I would like to share with you some personal but joyful news. I’m getting married!…”

According to Jang Nara, she have been dating her non-celebrity boyfriend for the past two years. Referring to him as a “friend” 6 years her junior who does video work, she says they have made the promise to become life partners. 

She sweetly writes: “I fell for his beautiful smile, sincere and good heart, and above all, he has a sincere attitude that puts all his heart into his work. To be able to share life with this awesome friend is absolute bliss, I wanted to convey this feeling honestly to all of you who are precious. Will live happily and well! It seems like just yesterday that I made my debut as a celebrity without anything special, but many years have passed. Thank you so much…”

She also said sorry that she couldn’t mention details about her non-celebrity friend because it might cause inconvenience at his work. She also thanks everyone who has been supporting her for a long time. Jang Nara plans to return with a new project after her wedding that she is preparing for as well.

Known for her baby face, Jang Nara has acted in early 2000s classics like My Love Patzzi and Bright Girl’s Success. The South Korean singer-actress eventually ventured into Chinese entertainment to star in dramas like 2005’s The Mischievous Princess opposite Alec Su before shifting her focus back to Korea. Celebrity friends such as The Last Empress co-star Shin Sung-rok, actresses Yoon So-yi and Im Se-mi left comments to congratulate her.


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