Influencer Retracts Challenge to Grace Chan’s Brother Derek Asking Him to Take a DNA Test and Proving His Lineage, Says He Does Not Want to Break Up a Family

Influencer Retracts Challenge to Grace Chan’s Brother Derek Asking Him to Take a DNA Test and Proving His Lineage, Says He Does Not Want to Break Up a Family
Photos: Grace Chan, Derek Chan and Joseph Lam / Instagram

Questions about beauty queen Grace Chan and her twin brother Derek Chan’s ethnicity, and rumours that they were both adopted has been going around for years. They are born to Hong Kong parents and have an older sister named Joyce.

For father’s day this year, Derek shared a hilarious tribute to their dad. Father and son were photographed in a funny role reversal of sorts – dad sucking his thumb whilst sitting on his son’s lap. “Happy Father’s Day! You’ve grown up so much, proud of you” cheekily captioned Derek. The recent photo of father and son sitting side by side seems to have once again roused discussion of Derek’s paternity because Derek’s mixed-race features looks so much different from his dad’s Chinese features. In fact, they were even challenged however unnecessarily by an influencer to take a DNA test proving his paternity.

A Million Dollar Challenge

Hong Kong influencer Joseph Lam Chok said he’s willing to pay HK$ 1 million to have father and son prove they’re related by blood. If the test proves paternity, he’ll pay them 1 million. If it proves they’re not blood related, he said he’ll still pay up if Derek checks whether he has Indian or Pakistani roots. Crazy right? And also quite unnecessary and disrespectful to be really honest. But wait! The story doesn’t end there.

Grace Chan and Derek Chan family photos
Photos: @ghlchan and @derek_hcc/ Instagram

A Shocking Turn of Events?

When asked by Hong Kong media HK01 as to why he issued the challenge, Joseph Lam answered, “I’ve endured it for too many years. It’s justice, even the blind can see it, but after all these years, no one dares to speak up. Joseph Lam who dares to speak needs to step up.

Updating his followers on Instagram, the influencer claimed “I just received an answer from Derek Chan not Cheung. Because this is quite an unexpected and shocking development, I’m currently trying to process how to respond. I will update at 4 pm today and might put in my response. For now, I really don’t know how to react… very shocked.”

Influencer @jolamchok's IG post
Photo: @jolamchok / Instagram

An Unexpected Turn

Turns out the big reveal supposedly came in the form of a 26 second clip of what appears to be Derek Chan saying goodbye and that he’ll miss everyone. However, after the huge fuss he made out of it, the influencer also made sure to say that he is unable to verify if the source of the information is a fake account or not.

In the clip, Derek can be heard saying “There’s been so many father’s day. And I feel like every single one is special to me. I just wanna say to dad you know I love you so much. Thank you for always taking care of me, being there for me. I’m gonna miss everyone, and obviously we’re gonna stay in contact, but I think all the laughters, all the card games, and all the conversations, that’s what I’m gonna miss the most. I’ll catch up with you guys real soon“.

Joseph wrote in the caption, “Derek, probably didn’t want to face the pressure and decided to leave Hong Kong. He made a farewell video for everyone. I was shocked when I saw his video this morning. None of us wanted Derek to leave. None of us want a family to be separated.”

Skeptical Netizens pointed out Derek appears to be wearing the same clothes he wore for his father’s day photo which suggests the vid (if real) was shot way before this whole brouhaha and definitely not as a response to the challenge.

Meanwhile, the slightly bizarre turn of events continues with the influencer suddenly making an appeal for Derek to stay. “… Derek, as long as you don’t leave, I’m willing to take back my offer … as long as you agree to stay…”

The Twins Celebrate Their Birthday

Grace Chan and Derek Chan just celebrated their 31st birthday on June 23. It appears the twins are unbothered as they happily shared their celebration with wacky photos of their family. Grace is also the wife of actor Kevin Cheng. As to why Derek’s leaving, it’s been reported that Grace had revealed in an earlier interview with the media back in April that Derek intends to immigrate to Canada to start a new life.

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