Angelababy Addresses Issue of “Fake Eating” On Old Drama

Angelababy Addresses Issue of “Fake Eating” On Old Drama
Angelababy and the scene of her “fake eating” from Song in the Clouds

For celebrities, the ability to roll with the punches is practically an unspoken requirement that comes with the territory. While most have learned to just let the criticism and negative comments roll of their back, every once in a while they’re ridiculous enough to get under one’s skin. This might be the case for Angelababy who once got bashed for her blatant “fake eating” in one of her scenes for her 2015 drama Song in the Clouds 雲中歌.

It’s so annoying” said the actress. Speaking about it for the first time in an episode of The Detectives’ Adventures 萌探探探案, Baby is referring to a scene of herself taking a bite of food in the drama which had viewers criticising how fake it looked. Now it’s not a big secret that a lot of people find Angelababy’s acting a wee bit lacking. And whilst a lot has improved in recent years, back then, people bashed her acting skills saying even pretending to eat looked fake.

Just Following Orders

When asked about the biggest misconception about her, Baby said maybe it’s her appetite. “Everyone thinks I might have a small appetite and even said I faked eating food whilst filming, but I don’t. There’s a meme floating around the internet that said when I eat, I just bite off a teeny tiny bit”. When one of the guests pointed out that indeed it didn’t look like she bit off anything when he watched the clip, Baby didn’t deny it. However she did say that before the cameras rolled, the director told her to only take a small taste because they didn’t have anything to replace it. Hence she couldn’t bite it all off if they needed several takes.

What can I do? I have to listen to my director.” She also jokingly added that “out of all the dramas I’ve shot and all the scenes I’ve done of me eating, why couldn’t they have watched that? They had to watch this (and then criticise me of fake eating). It’s so annoying.” Angelababy said this misconception about her not eating (because she eats often), couldn’t be further from the truth.

While her explanation does make sense, some Netizens still have questions. Why was this take the one they edited into the show? And how is it possible that the team handling props didn’t prepare enough back-ups when they know it’s a scene where food will be consumed.

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