Actress Kim Yoon Hee Looks Insanely Young for Her Age as She Plays an Elementary Student

Kim Yoon Hee
Photo: Screengrab from CheezeFilm / Youtube

If looking young was a contest, South Korean actress Kim Yoon Hee surely wins the prize as her youthful looks falls on a whole different level as the rest. Born on April 4, 2002, Kim Yoon Hee is actually 20-years-old (21 in Korean age), but she looks young enough to pass for someone half her age. The producers of the web drama Bad Boys would probably agree since they cast the baby-faced actress in the role of an elementary school student!

I couldn’t believe it at first, especially when you think about her standing alongside her co-star Choi Min Sung who’s only 14. However, stills of the two prove otherwise. If you didn’t know any better though, Kim Yoon Hee’s big eyes and petite stature will probably bamboozle you into thinking they’re both of similar ages and not 8 years apart.  Viewers too have also been singing her acting praises for believably portraying a young student.

Interest in the rookie actress is on an all time high thanks to her role in the show.

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