Taiwanese Rapper E.so is Married

Rapper E.so with his new wife
Source: @mjfceo Instagram

Congratulations to Taiwanese rapper E.so! Posting a sweet photo of himself holding hands with his new wife, the 34-year-old rapper shared the happy news of his marriage on Instagram earlier this week. “I’m married! This is my ex-girlfriend. She’s very happy at the moment” he gushed. Now that she’s his wife, guess that makes her his ex-girlfriend?

E.so whose English name is Eddie Chen and his non showbiz girlfriend Jennifer have been dating for a long time. Even before this week’s surprise announcement, there had already been speculation that they’ve already registered their marriage. According to the rapper’s management company True Colour Music, “E.so and his girlfriend have been in a stable relationship for many years. They have registered for marriage a few days ago. Due to the pandemic and work commitments, the couple currently has no plans for a wedding soon. E.so is busy preparing for his concert. Thank you for your best wishes and greetings.”

E.so has always been protective of his girlfriend and their relationship. When trolls bashed his girlfriend after paps outed their romance a few years ago, he immediately took to social media with a sweet declaration calling her “My love, my queen and my best friend.”

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