Kim Sae-Ron Withdraws from Her Project After DUI Incident

Kim Sae-Ron Withdraws from Her Project After DUI Incident
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South Korean actress Kim Sae-Ron grabbed headlines yesterday May 18 after getting caught driving drunk.  According to reports, the actress is being investigated by police for ramming into an electric transformer supposedly whilst under the influence. CCTV footage from the incident also show her driving away from the scene.

Since her DUI incident, her agency has issued an apology to the public on her behalf. Kim Sae-ron has also withdrawn from her upcoming role in the series Trolley. According to Korean media, the actress allegedly said no to a breathalyzer test when police caught up with her. Police took her to hospital after she asked police for a blood alcohol test instead.

Aside from impacting the morning commute of people passing through the area, the resulting power outage from the crash also caused a huge inconvenience to the nearby shops and establishments in Gangnam.

 “Kim Sae-Ron is Deeply Reflecting on Her Wrongdoing”

In their statement, the actress’ agency Goldmedalist said they are sorry for “causing concern” for the accident caused by their artist Kim Sae-Ron whilst driving under the influence.  “Kim Sae-Ron is deeply reflecting on her wrongdoing. Moreover, Kim Sae-Ron sincerely conveys her apology to the many people who were harmed and inconvenienced through this as well as the people who are working hard to repair the damaged public structures. She has promised to do her best to restore the damage.” They also confirmed her full cooperation with police investigating her case and vowed to work harder managing their artists.

Kim Sae-Ron began her acting career as a child actress in the movie The Man from Nowhere. Ironically, some Netizens have joked that perhaps her co-star in the film Won Bin will also save her by busting her out of (Gangnam) jail like the movie. As for her role in the upcoming drama Trolley produced by SBS, her offer to pull out of the show was accepted by the network. This might not be her only project on the line as the future of her participation in the Netflix series Bloodhounds is also unclear.

An Apology

The actress uploaded a handwritten note admitting to her DUI and to take responsibility for her actions. Aside from apologising for the inconvenience she caused to many people merchants, citizens and repair workers, she also apologised to her colleagues and staff for disrupting their production schedule. “There’s no excuse for this unfortunate incident, and I am disappointed and so ashamed of myself for the transgressions I committed. I will reflect deeply on it so that this does not happen again. I am sorry.”

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