Janet Hsieh and George Young Share Their IVF Journey

Janet Hsieh and George Young with their cute kids

For this mother’s day, I wanted to share something a little different. This is for all of the women, mothers, fathers and families who have struggled with pregnancy. You are not alone” wrote Taiwanese American TV-host-actress Janet Hsieh. The 42 year-old mother of two recently opened up about the fertility struggles she and her husband George faced whilst trying to have more kids.

In 2019, Janet shocked everyone when she candidly revealed during an event that she suffered a miscarriage in May. She was two months pregnant at the time when they discovered the baby no longer had a heartbeat. What’s even more heart-rending was that she had to pull it out herself when the foetus finally passed out of her body. She’d been in the middle of filming a variety show when she began to have cramps but endured it all until her lunch break. It was then that she and her husband George Young finally decided to seek help.“May 29, 2020. We decided to do IVF”.

In the video, George added that it was a tough decision. If you can’t get pregnant naturally, should you be challenging nature and do IVF? Aside from the mental and emotional toll, the process couldn’t have been easy judging from the clips of Janet involving several trips to the hospital and the frequent jabs she had to self-administer. Nonetheless, it looks like the destination was very much worth the journey as the couple welcomed their much awaited second child in February of 2021.

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