Benny Chan Uses Hashtag: “I Didn’t Give Anyone My Leftovers” in Addressing Backlash Over How He and His Wife Treat Their Nanny

Benny Chan and wife Lisa
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So Benny Chan and his wife were previously in hot water over livestreams “that went wrong”, one of which had Netizens accusing them of maltreating their nanny. You know how people always say the few seconds you see on social media is just a minute snippet of the actual situation? Well, after keeping mum about the issue for quite some time, now it seems the couple might finally be vindicated? A grateful Benny Chan seems to think so.

Benny Chan and his wife Lisa Jiang are avid livestreamers. The couple would oftentimes sit down for a chat with fans whilst eating their meals. Last year during a livestream when they still had a lot of food leftover, one commenter asked if the leftover food will be thrown away. Lisa responded, “our assistant’s eating, Wenjing’s eating.” The couple then pointed to people outside the frame and Benny can also be heard responding, “Gave to them to eat.”

Backlash Over Alleged Poor Treatment

Netizens weren’t so amused with reports that the couple actually give uneaten food left on the table to their nanny. They were called out for being disrespectful to their nanny and that this was very unsanitary. Netizens also pointed out that since they knew the food was a lot and that they probably wouldn’t be able to finish it, they should’ve set the portion for their nanny aside before partaking. The backlash didn’t end there. During another livestream, Lisa was slammed for telling her hubby to remember to get the leftover food to go for the nanny. The couple are also plagued with reports that they allegedly don’t allow their nanny to eat with them at the same table.

That’s not all. Netizens also also take issue with that old clip of Benny on a show saying their two nannies sleep on the living room couch, because space was pretty tight in the house. Can you see why folks are saying they treated their nanny poorly? Seems this couple really can’t catch a break. Nonetheless, the actual clip shows him saying “yes” when asked if the couch is one of those sofa beds.

Benny Chan
The clip of their livestream shared by a fan claiming to “set things straight” which he then reposted.

“We All Ate Together on the Same Table, I Didn’t Give Anyone My Leftovers”

Recently, Benny reposted a video shared by another fan on Douyin which claimed to set things straight. Benny wrote the caption, “Thank you netizen @唯爱哈密瓜lisa姐(粉干) for spreading the voice of justice to restore the truth. We are eating at the same table, #IDidn’tGiveAnyoneMyLeftovers, to the media, please be dignified”.

In the clip which was taken from the same broadcast which roused Netizen’s ire, the couple can be seen talking and passing food over to people who were outside of the frame but eating with them still. Lisa can also be seen in the background telling someone named Wenjing to “eat some more, this is very good, eat it”.

The clip also suggests everyone including the nanny were at the table eating together and what looked like the couple passing over their leftovers, wasn’t what actually happened. The Netizen said since the couple ate faster than the others, they passed over some of the dishes sitting in front of them. It’s easier this way for the rest (not in the video frame) who were still finishing their meal to access the food. It was not, as some have claimed, them passing over their leftovers.

Meanwhile, comments left by fans also supported this. One commenter who claimed to have watched the livestream said assumptions about the couple giving leftovers were nonsense and that everyone eats together. Another pointed out that the couple just ate faster so what everyone else was eating cannot be considered leftovers.

Benny Chan famously played the leading role in Hong Kong classics such as Gods of Honour and Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. He and wife Lisa whom he married in 2011 have four kids all under the ages of ten.

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