TVB Refutes Reports About Wong Cho Lam’s Departure

TVB Refutes Reports About Wang Cho Lam's Departure
Photo: Wong Cho Lam Studio / Weibo

Recently, Wong Cho Lam having left TVB was widely reported by different media outlets, yet it has now been refuted. On April 10, TVB’s corporate communications department issued a statement to the media stating that Wong is working on various programs in the mainland of behalf of the broadcaster. Their statement writes:

The company has noticed the recent rumors about “Mr. Wong Cho Lam’s departure”, and hereby solemnly declares that the relevant speculation is not true. Promoting business development in the Mainland is one of the company’s important strategies. The company has always dispatched teams familiar with the Chinese market to expand and execute business in the Mainland. Mr. Wong Cho Lam is currently working on several programs for the company in the Mainland.

Corporate Communications Department


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