On Criticisms That Her Team’s Styling Made Her Look “Fat,” Meng Jia Says It’s On Her

Meng Jia Apologises For Gaining Weight?
Meng Jia

When you work in show business, having thick skin is absolutely a must. Singer Meng Jia was the recipient of some not so nice comments about her appearance in music variety show The Treasured Voice Season 3 天赐的声音3. While a lot of Netizens blamed her styling team for putting her in something they claim made her look “fat”, the former Miss A member took one for the team to apologise for failing to satisfy everyone with her appearance on stage.

For her collab with Tan Jianci, Jia took some cues from the biker slash leather trend and wore a leather romper topped with a rhinestone encrusted padded jacket. While her overall stage look is definitely attention grabbing, some Netizens were less than impressed saying the design didn’t suit her and made her look “fat”.

Meng Jia performing on The Treasured Voice 3

When folks started to criticise her team for allowing her to look “unprofessional” on stage, the star apologised and said the problem is on her. “Everyone’s dissatisfactions regarding my recent styling on The Treasured Voice is on me. I will work hard to lose weight and polish my styling. Your recommendations are the driving force behind my progress!” she wrote. Similarly, her studio also issued an apology, “Deeply sorry that this look didn’t satisfy everyone! The team is sincerely reflecting. Going forward, we will also carefully peruse and absorb everyone’s suggestions, and strive to improve and become better!

Supportive fans on the other hand told her not to lose any more weight since she’s already thin enough. “You are fat? Who said that! What kind of distorted aesthetic is that!” Other commenters said they always thought the issue was with her clothes not with herself per se. “As long as she’s happy ..” another one commented.

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