Kimberley Chen Comes Out as Bisexual

Kimberley Chen
Kimberley Chen
Photo: Kimberley Chen 陳芳語 / Facebook

Even as news of her break-up with Albert Lin Lihao (林利豪) started doing the rounds online, singer Kimberley Chen (陳芳語) who’s based in Taiwan surprised everyone as she admits she’s bisexual.

Kimberley recently sat down for a chat on the online talk show “Amazing Talker” 驚奇脫口秀 with host EKO. When asked about her ideal type, she clarified “do you mean a man or a woman?” Eko went on to say that if she’s straight then guys if not, then girls. After giving it some thought, Kimberley straight up admitted “I like both”.

Kimberley Chen in Amazing Talekr

I never talked about this before on camera, so it’s very interesting. I like guys and girls because I think (boys and girls) it’s the same.  I feel like your personality could be you’re born into a female body or a male body ..(it’s the same)” she said. The singer is not one to beat around the bush so she said she doesn’t really care about appearances now and that to her, personality is the most important thing. However, she does say that the feeling of being attracted to the person and sexual compatibility is also important.

It’s really about that ‘feeling‘” she says. “It’s possible that when I see your photo I’d think ‘whatever’. But I see you in person and I’m like ‘ohhh’ there’s a feeling“.

Parting Ways

Kimberley Chen’s previous relationship with her ex, Super Idol (超級偶像) contestant Albert Lin is well documented in social media. Romance rumours started going around in the autumn of 2019, when photos of the pair vacationing in San Francisco started to trend. When the couple eventually went public with their relationship in 2020, she said she was forced not to admit to the relationship in the past. “He’s really my boyfriend but I had to (downplay it and) say he’s just a friend, I felt so fake. Falling in love is a pretty normal thing, so why can’t we share happy things? And because of him, I fell in love with music again and I want to share that with fans.”

After two years of dating though, the couple have parted ways. Kimberley confirmed the fact through her agent who said the two exes agreed to break up last December. “Because two people didn’t share common goals and ideals for the future save for being in a relationship. This will not affect their music and other business collaborations. Kimberley is very grateful to Mr. Lin Lihao for his company through the course of their relationship.”

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