“Eve” Releases New Seo Ye-Ji Poster for Her K-Drama Comeback

Seo Ye Ji in Eve
Photo: tvN drama

South Korean actress Seo Ye-Ji ‘s TV return is premiering on May 25. A year after stepping out of the limelight following the controversy from her relationship with ex Kim Jung-Hyun, tvN releases her stunning poster for the upcoming K-drama Eve.

Eve’s poster presents all kinds of mysterious vibes with Seo Ye-ji clad in a black feathered dress clenching a single red rose between her fingers. The actress plays the role of Lee Rae-el, the beautiful and brilliant daughter born into a chaebol family. However, her life is anything but happy given her family’s unfortunate history. Returning to Korea as a “dangerous flower”, she executes her carefully crafted plan to extract revenge from those she believes wronged her family. Lee Sang Yeob, Park Byung Eun and Yoo Sun also star.

Eve marks the 32-year-old actress’ return to TV after a year long hiatus. Previously, text messages released to the public between her ex Kim Jung-Hyun resulted in allegations of manipulating and gaslighting him into acting unprofessionally whilst filming Time. It’s even rumoured that the actor’s treatment of co-star Seohyun was so rude it made her cry.

Thanks to the popularity of the series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay , Seo Ye-Ji’s career enjoyed a huge boost. However, she was forced to cancel appearances and awards ceremonies following the public outrage from the revelations.  

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