Zhai Xiaowen Knows What He Wants .. And He Says It’s Not Love

Zhai Xiaowen
Zhai Xiaowen

At 22, Bill Zhai Xiaowen may still be pretty young, but it appears the idol who first debuted as a member of R.1.S.E after Produce Camp 2019 and has now ventured into different areas of showbiz from acting to variety shows has already developed a strong sense of what he wants and what he needs.  As a host on the reality dating show So In Love 没谈过恋爱的我, Zhai Xiaowen says he doesn’t need love and that his strong sense of security comes from his career. A bit ironic really since he’s hosting a show for singles who’ve never been in love and who are there to find it. Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty refreshing take for someone so young and still so new in the industry to be hyper focused on his career for now, very much unlike other idols who’ve been papped with new relationships lately.

Whilst sitting down for chat with the show’s other hosts, Bill Zhai Xiaowen said he can relate to having insecurities brought by negativity from external sources and that he has a very strong compulsion towards self-protection. “I’m usually the type who is anti-social. If I’m at home, I won’t go out. I am afraid of getting hurt. I don’t like new things. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, I don’t like anyone disturbing my quiet life now” he says.

“I don’t need love”

Zhong Chuxi, the show’s main host, had asked him if he had any hopes and expectations at all to find love. The idol surprised his co-hosts when he quickly answered: “No I don’t, I don’t need love”. Zhai Xiaowen concedes that at this point in his life he doesn’t need it but in the future though, maybe. “Alright. It might be necessary. But I have absolutely no thoughts about it right now. The idea is that my sense of security comes from my career.” For him, what’s most important right now is to be able to live well and to be able to live comfortably.

Zhai Xiaowen is the star of the upcoming drama adaptation of Heaven Official’s Blessing entitled Eternal Faith. Whilst there were fears that the dangai series will be axed all together previously, there may be some hope yet as the star shared a photo of himself celebrating the end of filming for Eternal Faith last January.

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