Xiao Gui Remains Cool Despite Getting a Nosebleed Whilst Live

Here’s a quick update on former NINE PERCENT member Xiao Gui (Wang Linkai) who got a nosebleed on the worst timing ever. Okay so admittedly, there never really is a good time to get a nosebleed, but in the 22-year-old idol’s case, he was on air during a livestream session for a brand.

When Xiao Gui realized what was happening, he seemed completely baffled for a few seconds looking at the blood on his hand and even chuckling as blood trickled down his chin. Xiao Gui managed to remain cool under the circumstance as he whispered to the person beside him “Teacher, I have a nosebleed”. The person doing the livestream with him finally noticed and told him to take a break. Xiao Gui kept saying he’s okay as someone handed him tissues. After stepping out quickly to get himself cleaned up, he hot-footed it back to work.

Xiao Gui livestream nosebleed

Later, his agency Gramarie (果然天空娱乐) shared the event on their social media page whilst also taking the opportunity to remind everyone to drink more water since the weather is so dry. Many left comments asking them to take care of their artist better saying that someone should’ve at least handed Xiao Gui tissues right away.

Xiao Gui is a rapper, singer and songwriter who joined the music show The Rap of China. In 2018, he placed 8th on the survival talent show Idol Producer which allowed him to debut as a member of NINE PERCENT. When the group officially disbanded in October 2019, Xiao Gui continued to pursue his solo career in the music industry.

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