Veteran Actor Yu Chi-ming On the Mend After a Stroke

Yu Ziming
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Viu TV’s 940920 recently kicked off its premiere episode on March 7. However, in the run up to its premiere, noticeably absent from the show’s promotional activities is actor Yu Chi-ming (余子明). It turns out the veteran actor suffered a stroke early into the lunar New Year which left him temporarily paralysed. But don’t worry though as it looks like he’s already on the mend. After some much needed rest and TLC from his family, the 78-year-old seems to be looking quite well.

Yu Chi-ming has appeared in a whole slew of Hong Kong classics produced by TVB. Although he mostly appears in supporting roles, the long list of projects across his decades-long career is no less impressive. You guys might remember him playing Jiang Ziya in 2001’s Gods of Honour or in the more recent Vegas to Macau with Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Tse.

On the Road to Recovery

The showbiz veteran was seen giving the camera a big thumbs up in an Instagram Story posted by his son to update everyone. “Going for physical therapy!” he said in a voice full of energy. The 78-year-old’s stroke left the left side of his body temporarily paralysed hence requiring him to undergo PT sessions to work on his mobility. While Yu Chi-ming is currently wheelchair bound, he’s pretty much able to take care of his day to day routine such as brushing his teeth and eating on his own.

According to Hong Kong media, his son shared that Yu Chi-ming started showing progress in a week. “Two days earlier, he was weak down to his toes. In today’s check up, he started to regain a little bit of energy and movement. Thank you everyone for giving him strength. I read your messages and pass them on to him to make him feel more positive.” Yu Chi-ming’s family also posted a short video on his feed showing him getting a haircut. When asked whether he was scared and if he was comfortable, he slowly turned towards the camera and gave the universal “ok” gesture.

940920 is said to be both the prequel and sequel to the 2020 sci-fi and time travel series Leap Day 二月廿九 where a woman born on the leap day in 1992 has the ability to travel through time to change the past, hence also the future. In 940920, Yu Chi-ming plays the heroine’s grandfather.

Wishing Yu Chi-ming good health and a speedy delivery!

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