Two Crew Members Fell to Their Deaths During Filming, Aaron Yan Who Stars in the Drama Speaks Out

Two Crew Members Fell to Their Deaths During Filming, Aaron Yan Who Stars in the Drama Speaks Out

A tragic accident occurred on the set of Aaron Yan’s new vampire drama The Embrace (lit.) 初擁. According to media reports, two crew members – a cameraman surnamed Huang and a sound crew surnamed Wang fell while filming near a waterfall in Miaoli County yesterday (March 11). They were pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital.

Many celebrities are expressing their grief and speaking out against the working conditions in the Taiwanese entertainment industry. Aaron Yan took to social media to say that he will contract the other lead actors to stop any cooperation with Domani Production Company (多曼尼) until a reasonable explanation is given. He also insists on enforcing conditions such as proper safety measures and reasonable working hours to continue the next cooperation.

Aaron Yan reveals that he and the cameraman who died have worked together before. They had gone to Japan to film the 2014 micro film A Time of Love. He says, “the reunion has become today’s regret, really cannot accept this.”

Aaron Yan statement on the Taiwanese entertainment industry

Full translation of his social media post from March 11:

In the past, I would become distressed, worried and even angry over every detail of Taiwanese drama productions, which offended many production companies and even TV stations. When I was informed of the regrettable incident today, I was on the way back. I kept asking myself, what should be my bottomline. To what extent should I defend what I feel “should be done” and “rights that should be protected.” Do I defend it until everyone thinks it’s a hassle to seek me out for a project or should more budget be spent to meet safety requirements?

I am not the producer, but I act as a producer every time I participate in a drama, hoping to take care of groups aside from the actors (photography, lighting, field affairs, prop art, radio). Because the world is truly condescending, seniority, rank, billing order (male lead, second male lead, female lead, second female lead) yield different results. I can honestly say that staff in Taiwanese drama circles is a group that’s often more overlooked. As a result, talents leave, regrettable incidents continue to occur (car accident due to fatigue, death from overwork, and the tragedy of falling off a cliff today, etc.). I was once very angry and fought against the environment by myself. Should I persist?

Yes, today I really found the answer in my heart. My persistence is never for me alone. I am not selfish. I just speak up to prevent today’s regrets from happening. Speak up as soon as something is unreasonable, and stop something as soon as it is unsafe. This is an insistence that I should not let go of. Until Domani gives a reasonable explanation and the correct attitude, I will contract all the leading actors of the show to stop cooperating with production, and insist on enforcing the conditions of proper safety measures, reasonable working hours and efforts In line with costs to continue the next cooperation.

Human life is equal and equally precious. There’s no distinction of high or low birth. You and I are responsible, don’t take chances. I implore the actors, staff, and related units to face up to the problem to solve it, to improve the environment for Taiwan dramas together. If you agree with me, please don’t let the persistent actors struggle alone.

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