TVB Actor Penny Chan Grapples with Supporting His Family and Catching Covid

Penny Chan
Penny Chan with his Wife
Source: Instagram @hugepenny

It’s been a tough couple of months for TVB actor Penny Chan. With the pandemic hitting its two year anniversary mark, many artists continue to struggle especially now that a huge surge of Covid cases has negatively impacted a lot of industries in Hong Kong. For Penny, making ends meet has been a struggle since his income has dropped by 70%. Likewise, the income coming in from his wife’s work in the beauty industry also came to halt with the recent wave of cases. At present, he only has his work with TVB sustaining himself and his family. To further add to his worries, Penny’s father suddenly passed away after a fall at home whilst him mum is sick. The actor also tested positive for Covid recently and is presently self-isolating.

Financial Setbacks

Completely zero income, our financials have hit a major crisis. Even paying rent and buying food has become a problem. We also have two little kids.” Penny revealed that whilst he previously invested in a ramen restaurant, he already sold off his shares even before the pandemic hit. Now that his income was severely impacted by the pandemic, he has resorted to trying out different hustles such as going back to being a fitness trainer and also transporting goods where he earned HKD$ 900 daily. One time he said he tried working part time as a driver but couldn’t get past himself so he ended up not doing it.

Whilst he admits that he has hit a low point with the many setbacks, Penny Chan remains positive about the things to come. “I have to keep on living. I only have one life. I want to be a responsible father. I believe there will be sunshine after the rain.” He also urged fellow Hong Kongers to never give up their spirit and to work on improving themselves despite the situation.

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