Selina Jen Confirms She’s in a Relationship Almost Six Years After Her Divorce

Selina Jen
Selina Jen

Selina Jen has found herself a new beau! The S.H.E. member was spotted by paparazzi recently accompanied by a mystery man going back to their Shanghai hotel. She was also photographed with him on separate occasions, one whilst shopping together at a supermarket and the other going to the hospital for a PCR test. According to paps, Selina and her beau looked quite cosy and sweet together.  

As early as last year, there were already reports that Selina had a new man in her life after being spotted discreetly holding hands at the airport together.  However it was only today that the 40-year-old singer finally admitted that she is in love. Making the relationship Insta official, Selina giddily wrote:  “Spring flowers are in full bloom, my spring time has also come”. Of course, the singer didn’t forget to pop in an emoji surrounded with hearts. Despite her very public confirmation, Selina was still quite careful to keep her beau’s identity under wraps.

Unlike her ex-husband who is older than her, Selina’s non-showbiz boyfriend is reportedly several years younger. Last year, she generously hinted that she is being courted by a man seven years her junior but that she was a little bit discouraged by their age difference. “I think men are usually more naïve than women. I had hoped to find someone who is older. But my heart is very open” she said. With today’s announcement, it looks like they have much in common after all.

Selina Jen was previously married to lawyer Richard Chang in 2011. In 2016, the singer announced her divorce saying marriage required both parties to put in a lot of effort to make it work and that both of them didn’t put in enough. She also added that “she didn’t play the role of a good wife properly” because she was hyper focused on her career. Despite their divorce, the two appear to have a good relationship now.

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