Leon Jay Williams Blasts Troll Who Called His Daughter “Ugly”

Leon Jay Williams Blasts Troll Who Called His Daughter "Ugly"
Leon Jay Williams with his daughter Harper on set.

Judging from the number of selfies he shares with his daughter Harper Ann, Leon Jay Williams is without doubt one proud papa. The Eurasian-Singaporean actor who starred in Taiwanese dramas like Green Forest, My Home and My Lucky Star recently moved back to Singapore. However, his protective instincts were raised when a self-media outlet published an article on Weibo criticising his 7-year-old daughter as being “so ugly even a princess dress won’t save her”. Well, the papa bear wasn’t having it at all, especially when it was his innocent daughter they were insulting. Sharing the article on social media, Leon didn’t bother to block out any names when he blasted the troll.

“It is a Father’s Job to Protect Their Child”

The article in question is entitled “There is a kind of “regret” called Leon Jay William’s daughter, who is so ugly that she can’t even save the princess dress!” Even without reading what comes next, attacking an impressionable 7-year-old for her appearance is seriously a low blow especially if it’s just for clicks.

Calling it a “very hurtful article that has no reason other than to hurt and cause pain to my family” the singer says he’s drawing the line this time since it has gone way too far. As a public figure, he’s well aware that negative comments come with the job. However, when it is a baseless personal attack meant to hurt or slander (a young innocent child at that!) he says it’s not worth opening his personal life to the public anymore. “It’s not worth my effort sharing my life in social media when we live in a world with these reporters who have no qualms on hurting innocent children.”

He also appealed to journalists to write more responsibly since words have a way of impacting a person’s outlook, especially that of a young child’s. As such, Leon Jay Williams said he will no longer be sharing on his Weibo account and thanks fans for their support over the years.

Leon Jay WIlliams
The article in question he is referring to –

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