Kaman Kong Continues to Hint at a Breakup Whilst Reassuring Everyone She’s Okay

Kaman Kong Continues to Hint at a Breakup Whilst Reassuring Everyone She's Okay
“Never blame anyone in your life, good people make you happy, bad people give you experiences, The worst teach you a lesson, but the best people give you memories” wrote Kaman Kong.

TVB actress Kaman Kong 江嘉敏 appears to be in a pensive mood lately. Over on Instagram Stories, she recently shared a photo of the two books she’s been reading entitled “Self Love Is” and “Meditation Is”. The caption she included reveals that she’s been holed up at home for almost half a month already but that she’s a-OK. As with her other earlier posts on social media, Kaman seems to be dropping hints that she and her e-sports executive bf Anthony who she’d been dating for three years have already broken up.

I’ve been staying at home for almost half a month. Everyone please don’t worry. Rest assured I’m not sick and that I am in good health. I’ve also been eating (not skipping meals). Thank you to my friends who gifted me with these two books, both of which are worthy of  deep reflection” she captioned on Stories.

Aside from unfollowing Anthony on social media, amongst her Story shares is the music video for Wallis Cho’s song entitled 循序漸愛 which seems to hint at her melancholy. Roughly translated to “Love Step By Step”, the music video narrates the story of a couple whose life eventually turns dull after moving in with each other. The couple soon start to dislike each other. Kaman’s other posts also seem to imply that him cheating was one of the reasons for the breakup.

Another Story share where she said “it used to be so good, but in a blink of an eye, you became a stranger.”

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