Jimmy Lin Celebrates 30 Years in Showbiz and Thanks Fans for Supporting Him

Jimmy Lin
Jimmy Lin performs at his alma mater

Would you believe it’s been 30 years since Jimmy Lin first broke into the showbiz industry? As one of Taiwan’s OG idols who debuted at the young age of 17, Jimmy was often called “little whirlwind” and he certainly took the showbiz industry by storm with his talent, good looks and baby face. Recently, the 47-year-old and dad of three held a mini concert at his alma mater which was well attended by many students and fans. In his post afterwards, the star said he has so much to be thankful for.

Everything has been amazing! That little whirlwind who at 17 was still wet behind the ears, 30 years have passed in an instant! I have three kids, I’m very fortunate that you’ve all stood by me and have not forgotten me. Most especially when I returned to my alma mater the other day and I stood on the stage of my very first performance, that moment reminded me of when I first debuted. Until now, you still clap for me, shout out for me, I am very happy” he shared. He also said that fans have been sharing their fondest memories of him – his past cassettes, albums, merch and even news clippings of him.

Xie Na Gives Him a Shout Out

Meanwhile, it looks like popular host Xie Na is one of his fans. Sharing Jimmy’s post on her own social media page, the host wrote “Xiao Zhi (小志), the idol I chased and whose hairstyle, way of dress and whose singing and dancing I imitated, the most important thing is to be active and stay youthful as you are. Happy 30 years since your debut!” Referencing his song that quickly swept Asia off its feet hence his whirlwind nickname, Xie Na also said “Let’s all sing together now: During the rainy season when I was seventeen, we had common expectations ….”

Source: Xie Na/ Weibo

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