Ashes of Love’s Snake Immortal Has a Whole New Look (and a New Name)

Ashes of Love Actor Liao Jinfeng Has a Whole New Look (and a New Name)

Does anyone remember Daniel Liao Jinfeng 廖劲锋, the 26-year-old actor who played snake immortal Pu Chi Jun in Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜? Audiences might have some trouble remembering his name since he didn’t get as much screen time as the drama’s leads. And looking at him now, chances are audiences might also have a hard time recognising him as he’s looking quite different these days.

Scrolling through his social media account, the changes to his appearance doesn’t look to be something recent. Perhaps it’s all the concern about the fate of their favourite drama that has Ashes of Love fans revisiting the series and its actors? With Deng Lun’s tax evasion issue still playing out, fans are crossing their fingers it won’t be taken off the shelves.

Lin Haoyang Ashes of Love
Photo: Lin Haoyang / Weibo

As for Liao Jingfeng, it seems his brand new look also calls for a brand new name as the actor slash internet celebrity has rebranded himself into Lin Haoyang 林皓洋. In his recent post, he thanked everyone for their recent interest. “I haven’t been on Weibo for a very long time. Thank you for your recent attention. I am visibly flattered and a little bit scared. If you really like my aesthetics, I can share more related content with you in the future. Love from Pu Chi Jun.”

Update March 23: With his new look hitting the hot search online, Lin Haoyang (aka Liao Jingfeng) was back on social media saying he did not buy his way into the trending list. He even added the hashtag about plastic surgery and wrote, “When I woke up, I realised it was still there. Trembling. I really did not buy it. I can’t afford to and there’s really no one else who would buy it for me. Everyone, go check out news that is more worthy of your attention. Don’t bother with me anymore. #Ashes of Love Pu Chijun’s Response on Plastic Surgery”

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