With “Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities” Ending, Li Yifeng’s 3 Historical Dramas Appear to Have One Thing in Common

Li Yifeng and Yukee Chen

**Spoilers Ahead

Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜双城 starring Li Yifeng and Yukee Chen has wrapped this week for its Tencent VIP subscribers. The show premiered to lots of criticisms from the acting to the main couple’s chemistry, but it looks like even the show’s ending left a great deal to be desired.

Fans of the novel pointed out that the drama adaptation already took a lot of liberties when it changed the story from author Cang Yue’s original work. Throw that in with the poor editing, viewers say the finale was even harder to follow. To be fair, both the book and the drama does end with the main character dying, but with the amount of changes made by the show’s scriptwriters, some are saying they might as well have changed that too!

Mirror Twin Cities

Now as for the show’s ending, let’s just say that it wasn’t the reunion with Bai Ying that many had hoped it would be. Yes, the sea king’s mission was finally completed. But with everything that Su Mo (Li Yifeng’s character) had been through, many feel that the least the show’s scriptwriters could’ve done was to give him the chance to be happy in the end which he richly deserved. Yet he still chose to sacrifice himself when the dragon god came to bring him home to protect Bai Ying.

And why is it that it’s only his story that didn’t get that happy ending whilst the rest got theirs?

“King” of Tragic Endings?

After this latest heartbreak, Netizens actually reminisced on how the endings of Li Yifeng’s last three historical fantasy dramas all ended in tears. In 2016’s Legend of Chusen 青云志, Li Yifeng’s Zhang Xiaofan was forced to endure heartbreak after heartbreak starting from his entire village being slaughtered to how his beloved Bi Yao (Zhao Liying) willingly sacrificed herself in order to save him. In his 2014 drama Swords of Legends 古剑奇谭 Li Yifeng’s Bai Li Tu Su was able to defeat Shao Gong, but at the expense of his life. His fight to the death against Shao Gong left his strength and energy so depleted that he died in Qing Xue’s (Yang Mi) arms. In the end, Qing Xue was left all alone to make her way into the world. And now, we also have Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities to add into this heart-rending mix.

Sad right? I wonder how his next costumed drama will pan out. Hopefully the next one will take a happier turn for his character.

Su Mo in Mirror Twin Cities
Su Mo’s hair later turns white

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